CT Pet Stores

There are currently 16 pet shops in CT that sell commercially bred puppies. A complete report on the breeders used by CT’s pet shops was compiled and submitted as testimony to the legislative Task Force on 12/4/13. Download a summarized version of the report here. It shows the conditions in which puppies are born, and breeding dogs suffer everyday of their lives. These breeders have USDA violations in the period 2010 – 2012.

Over 600 breeders were used to supply Connecticut’s pet shops in 2012. 335 of these breeders had USDA violations. 156 of them were not found in the USDA database, and are presumably unlicensed.

USDA violations represent instances where the breeder has failed to provide conditions required by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The AWA requires only extremely minimal care for breeder dogs, which means dogs live in conditions most of us would consider inhumane. A breeder who violates the AWA, therefore, has sunk to particularly low depths of cruelty.

USDA breeder violations are public information, found via the USDA’s Animal Care Information System. Since all pets sold by CT pet stores must be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin, it is possible to trace each animal back to its breeder and determine whether that breeder has had violations of the AWA. A local organization, CT Coalition Against Puppy Mills, has done painstaking research to expose the reality behind “that puppy in the window.”

A couple of pet shops in Connecticut sell only puppies from breeders in Connecticut, therefore there are no Certificates of Origin to use in determining breeder information. However, puppy mill-like conditions can still exist in Connecticut, and purchasing a CT-bred dog does not necessarily ensure avoidance of unscrupulous breeders. Most reputable breeders will not supply their puppies to pet stores.
The number of pet stores offering rescued dogs for adoption is growing! Check out this webpage for a list of humane pet stores across the country.  H3 Pet Supply is one humane pet store in Connecticut. WIth your support we can help encourage all pet stores in Connecticut to be humane pet stores that offer homeless dogs for adoption.

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