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Who we are 

Launched in August 2013, CT Alliance for Humane Pet Shops is a network of animal welfare organizations and local businesses who are advocating for positive change in the pet shop industry. Our primary goal is to enact state-level legislation to ensure that pet shops source their dogs and cats only from rescues and shelters, instead of commercial breeders.

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An estimated 95 – 99% of commercially-bred animals sold in pet shops come from puppy mills. Puppy mill breeders use unscrupulous practices to maximize profit with little concern for the welfare of the animals in their care. See our page on puppy mill facts for more information. We believe Connecticut’s pet shops can and should adopt ethical business models that do not include doing business with puppy mills.


Please email humanepetshops@gmail.com with questions, comments.

Alliance Membership

Membership is open to any organization or business that is active in Connecticut, and shares our belief that Connecticut should adopt legislation to require pet shops to source only rescued dogs and cats. Membership is free. As a member, your organization’s name will be listed on this site, and you will be given a block of code to embed our logo on your site if you wish.

We also hope member organizations will help mobilize their members during key times of the legislative session. The more legislators hear from their constituents, the greater our chance of success! We will provide the language to use for communications.

One very effective way to communicate with lawmakers is to host an in-district meeting. During these gatherings, voters meet with their state official (s) and ask for support for an issue such as pet shop legislation. Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this type of event.

To become a member please fill out and submit the form below. Questions may be directed to humanepetshops@gmail.com . Thank you for being a part of historic change in Connecticut!


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