The truth about the origins of CT’s pet shop puppies…

Have you read this report on CT’s pet shops?

Carefully researched over several years from CT Dept of Ag records, in painstaking detail, with photos, and quotes from USDA inspectors, this factual compendium proves that nearly all CT pet store puppies come from puppy millsClick here to read.
Some lawmakers feel pet shops simply need to eliminate a “few bad apples” from their supply chain and that will fix everything. But this report clearly proves we have a fully rotten industry with pet shops as complicit partners in cruelty.

Please review this report and learn the truth. Then contact your State legislators and be sure they understand that allowing pet shops to sell dogs from commercial breeders means we are supporting animal cruelty, and that is unacceptable. Please visit for instructions on writing your message.

Thank you for speaking for puppy mill dogs.