The truth about the origins of CT’s pet shop puppies…

Have you read this report on CT’s pet shops?

Carefully researched over several years from CT Dept of Ag records, in painstaking detail, with photos, and quotes from USDA inspectors, this factual compendium proves that nearly all CT pet store puppies come from puppy millsClick here to read.
Some lawmakers feel pet shops simply need to eliminate a “few bad apples” from their supply chain and that will fix everything. But this report clearly proves we have a fully rotten industry with pet shops as complicit partners in cruelty.

Please review this report and learn the truth. Then contact your State legislators and be sure they understand that allowing pet shops to sell dogs from commercial breeders means we are supporting animal cruelty, and that is unacceptable. Please visit for instructions on writing your message.

Thank you for speaking for puppy mill dogs.


Now is the time to contact your elected officials

Victory for puppy mill dogs is within reach, but only you can make it happen.

During the past year, animal advocates have made great strides in exposing the truth about where pet store puppies come from, and built a solid argument in favor of humane pet shops.


But no matter how strong our argument is, the single biggest factor in our success is the number of phone calls and emails lawmakers receive from all of you.
Many lawmakers are hesitant to pass legislation that may hurt a small business, and they claim they do not hear from enough animal advocates. It is up to you to remind them that these pet shop businesses are founded on cruelty, that there are well over hundred other pet businesses in CT that do not sell commercially bred animals, and that as a voter, you believe pet shops should be required to upgrade their business to a humane model.


Unless your elected officials hear from you this week, this legislation may not get proposed in the form we would like. Please email or call your State Representative and State Senator, you can find their contact information here:  Even if you have contacted them before, please do so again. You may use the language below, or, compose your own message.


Together, we can win this, but you must make your voice heard!




Dear Rep. or Sen. _________
As your constituent, I am writing to ask for your support for 2014 legislation to stop the sale of puppy mill dogs in Connecticut’s pet shops.
I believe CT should require its puppy-selling pet shops to stop selling commercially-bred cats and dogs and instead upgrade their business model. More than 115 other CT pet stores have built strong businesses by partnering with pet adoption organizations, stocking pet food and supplies, offering training and grooming, and more.
Please consider the following facts:
  • CT’s pet shops have built a business on cruelty. Researched testimony submitted to the Task Force on this topic indicates that fully 70% of the USDA-licensed breeders used by CT’s pet shops in 2012 have documented violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The full report on the origins of CT’s pet shop puppies is available online here, and includes photos and quotes from USDA inspectors that are chillingly cruel.
  • Even the breeders without USDA violations need only meet a minimum set of standards that are woefully inadequate. A representative of the ASPCA prepared a summary of the regulations within the AWA that essentially allow for federally-sanctioned cruelty, including wire floors, lack of bedding, and dangerously non-specific veterinary care requirements. This means that a “clean” report from the USDA in no way indicates a humane, healthy breeding environment. 
  • The CT Alliance for Humane Pet Shops counts 75 business and organizations who believe CT can do better. These members (listed on the right side of the Web page)  represent nearly all major animal welfare organizations in Connecticut, and many caring merchants who believe in ethically-run businesses. They believe the time has come for Connecticut to take a stand against puppy mills and they fully support legislation to stop the sale of commercially-bred dogs and cats in CT pet stores.
In Connecticut, we have an obligation to cease doing business with the rampant cruelty in the commercial breeding industry. Instead, we should support the local business of responsible home breeders, shelters, and rescue organizations.

Again, I thank you for your service in the legislature, and hope you will  support Humane Pet Shop legislation.



[Town of residence]

Task Force Meetings Update

The state legislative task force is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, January 14 at 10:30, and on Thursday, January 23 at noon to discuss testimony and prepare its report. Meetings are open to the public, and will be held at the Legislative Office building in Hartford in room 2D. They may also be broadcast on CT-N


A Quick Update from CVA…

Happy New Year! January will be very busy for the Alliance. The Task Force will meet on January 8 and 14 to discuss testimony and prepare a report. Please check back for updates about the results. Both of these meetings are open to the public, and will be held at 10:30, at the Legislative Office building in Hartford in room 2D. They may also be broadcast on CT-N