Task Force Hearing Postponed

The hearing for the Task Force on Pet Shops that was scheduled for November 13, has been postponed to December 4.
It will be held at 1:00 PM, Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Room 2A.
Hearing rules still apply and are as follows:
If you would like to testify in person, please come at noon to sign up to speak. Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The first hour will be reserved for any legislators or chief elected officials who wish to testify. Speakers at the hearing will be limited to three minutes of spoken testimony, after which, the members of the Task Force will have the option to ask questions.
Written testimony will be accepted, preferably e-mailed no later than the day before the hearing to CTPS@cga.ct.gov. Testimony will be accepted at the time of speaker sign-ups, however if not submitting electronically, a speaker must bring fifteen copies for the Task Force.

As always, we are working to persuade the task force to recommend legislation requiring Connecticut’s pet shops to humanely source cats and dogs only from rescues and shelters. We hope you will still be able to attend and show support!

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