Details on 2 upcoming task force hearings

All are encouraged to attend, testify, and show support for legislation that would require Connecticut’s 16 15 pet shops to source their dogs and cats only from rescues and shelters  – no commercially bred animals. This is a business-friendly and humane step toward ending the operation of puppy mills for good.

Please see Puppy mills facts for more information on puppy mills, and What you can Do for additional talking points.

The first will be at 7:00PM on Wednesday, October 16th, in the Boardroom of the Fairfield Public Schools Central Office at 501 Kings Hwy East in Fairfield, CT. The second will be here in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford at 1PM on Wednesday, November 13th in room 1D. December 4 in Room 2A.

Both hearings will follow typical Public Hearing procedures which are as follows: Speakers will sign up no earlier than one hour before the hearing outside of the room. Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The first hour will be reserved for any legislators or chief elected officials who wish to testify. Speakers at the hearing will be limited to three minutes of spoken testimony, after which, the members of the Task Force will have the option to ask questions.

Written testimony will be accepted, preferably e-mailed no later than the day before the hearing to Testimony will be accepted at the time of speaker sign-ups, however if not submitting electronically, a speaker must bring fifteen copies for the Task Force.

There is also a website for the Task Force set up, available at

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3 thoughts on “Details on 2 upcoming task force hearings

  1. Are there just 16 pet stores in the state or just 16 stores that sell cats and dogs? How can I get list of 16?

  2. I found answer to my first question on CT Alliance website. There are 130 pet stores in CT and only 16 sell puppies (no mention of cats). The list of 16 pet shops selling puppies (and/or cats) should be readily accessible so consumers can put pressure on stores to discontinue selling companion animals. Where can I get list of these 16 stores?

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